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Want to learn more about LA Crawfish? This is just a little tidbit about your local LA Crawfish Eatery. Read on to find out more!

We’re super proud to shout out that your local LA Crawfish serves up the absolute best boiled Crayfish! Garlic Butter and Cajun Style Crawdads are what we do best baby! We also cook delicious Shrimp and Crabs! Also, Chicken Wings, Seafood Po’Boys, Traditional and Fusion Pho Bowls, Fresh Oysters, Micheladas, Daiquiris and much more! We’re the very best you can find in Houston and San Antonio. Heck, the best in Texas, the United States, this world and even this universe too folks! So yes, our menu selection may be a bit on the smaller side of things (Don’t worry, our Crawfish are big though!) to some. But we can 100% assure you that every item that makes our awesome menu will be equally as awesome guys and gals!

Hey, you do not just have to take our word for it! Just check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp and everywhere else on the world wide web! LA Crawfish was recently published on Cooking Light (Time Magazine – The Cross-Cultural Mash-Up Award, 2013), Travel Channel, “Asian Chops” Television Series, and tons of other national publications and media outlets! Finally, stop in a LA Crawfish shop near you now and find out just what all your friends and family are raving about all of this time!

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It's a brand new year and we're off to a early start on Live Crawfish (Crayfish, Crawdads, Mudbugs, or whatever your prefer to call it!) from Louisiana (Parts of Texas too.)! LA Crawfish fans and newcomers alike, stop by a location near you and check out what the best Crawfish spot in Houston, San Antonio, and all over Texas is serving up in year 2021! Also tons of locations near you and more coming soon for your every Crawfish and good eating fix!

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Folks just love LA Crawfish!

Chefs Andy & Minson Ngo: The Cross-Cultural Mash-Up Award 2013.

The Vietnamese Crawfish Craze.

Beyond crawfish: Get your Asian-Cajun fix.

Enjoy Crawfish without busting your mud bug budget.

Where to Eat Crawfish in Houston.

Just The
Best Place

We proudly serve our Garlic butter Crawfish and other Eats with great pride and focus on customer service

We love exposing new culinary delights to our fans through our take of cuisines from various countries and cultures, offering a special one-of-a-kind experience for everyone regardless of their eating preferences.
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our way!

The perfect way to end your epic meal! Crisp, golden, fluffy center, and dusted with powder sugar. These 28 sticks will take you to foodie heaven!

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The serious
flavors found here!

Our Crawfish are flavor packed Inside & Out! Our Special Garlic Butter, House Blend Cajun Rub, and the Hot & Sour all have a legion of fans!

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“That” cup
of Michelada.

Cool, savory, citrusy, spicy, but surprisingly refreshing. Just add your favorite beer and drink up while you chow on our spiced just right seafood.

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Started as "kitchen food", it's now a big hit! Garlicky rice noodles, caramelized onions, large scrumptious jumbo shrimp, crawfish tails, smokey Andou

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Crawfish Empanadas!

Everyone orders these! Stuffed with a mix of hand peeled Crawfish tails, Mirepoix, our Cajun seasoning blend & just tad more. You've gotta try'em!

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Hearty bowl of
Seafood Gumbo!

Cooked from scratch in our kitchens. There's Blue Crab, Snow Crab, King Crab, Crawfish Tails, Andouille Sausage & Turkey Neck all in there!

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Boiled Crawfish!

You haven't had Crawfish, until you've had LA Crawfish! We made it this far by winning over the hearts+bellys of our army of fans! We <3 you!

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The Original
Crawfish Pho!

Yep, our World Famous Crawfish Pho. It'll literally change your life, or so we've been told so many times over!

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